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Our chocolate does not always taste the same. The first factor is you as the consumer. How do you feel, with what do you combine the chocolate or what have you eaten or drunk before? All this influences your subjective perception of the chocolate. The second factor is the fact that we make our bars by hand. Each batch has the typical taste characteristics of the respective variety, but is unique every time – and that’s the way it should be. To finally answer the question of why our chocolate does not always taste the same, we have to consider another factor: time. We would like to take a closer look at this factor here.

Basically, our chocolate has a long shelf life and is edible. Since chocolate contains practically no water (<1%), no microorganisms can grow in it. Dried cocoa has less than 8% water, during roasting and "conching" water evaporates and what remains is less than 1% in the chocolate, as mentioned above. Really "bad", in the sense of unhealthy, chocolate can therefore not really. And yet we recommend eating our chocolate as fresh as possible. There are over 600 aroma components in a chocolate. During roasting and conching, we change the complex interplay of these components until we achieve the flavor that is ideal for us. Over time, however, this relationship inevitably changes again. How and to what extent the chocolate changes in taste is difficult to predict. With milk chocolate, the changes are faster and more definite than with dark chocolate. Often the flavor intensity decreases or certain flavors gain the upper hand in the originally fine proportion. Of course, it can also happen that a new, exciting flavor emerges over time. Whatever time does to our bars, we're happy for you to share your taste impressions with us ☺. It's best to eat the chocolate fresh, because you're not buying it just to store it afterwards. However, if you do want to store the chocolate, make sure you do it right. Here you can read how to do it: