Ultimate-Pleasure-Boost Subscription

One-year-subscription for chocolate lovers

Whether for you or as a gift for a chocolate companion. The laflor annual subscription guarantees the chocolate enjoyment boost.

Don’t miss a new variety and convince yourself of the varied assortment of laflor. Every bean tastes different and that’s why every finished chocolate has its own character.

348.90 CHFinkl. MwSt.zzgl. Versandkosten


  • 10 deliveries in a year, each delivery includes 2 bars of chocolate and one special product like nibs, beans and dragees.
  • No shipping in July and August, due to increased risk of melting and vacation absences
  • Delivery- and packingcosts are included
  • Only available in Switzerland
  • To make a gift to someone beloved, just note the address in the Shipping adress space and e-mail of the presentee in the comment box
  • After we received your payment, we send you a PDF coupon to give away
  • Each middle of the month we send you two products
  • After we received your payment, the Extra-Pleasure-Boost starts automatically on the next sheduled shipping date

If you have questions or a special order, write us on contact@laflor.ch or call Laura Schälchli at +41 78 839 26 62.