Gift Box Small Chocolate Love

We particularly enjoy Rio Sinu chocolate. On the one hand, because the indigenous cocoa beans grow in a cooperation of around 100 small farmers, and after fermentation and drying the beans are transported to Europe by the sailing ship «Tres Hombres». On the other hand, the chocolate tastes heavenly thanks to lovely floral notes reminiscent of red berries and caramel.

As a contrast, the Hacienda Limon 74% ist a perfect match. The diverse flavour profile is powerful and captivates with its dominant honey note. Thanks to the strong character, the flavours linger long on the palate.

We will send this chocolate gift box to the person of your choice. Write us your short greeting message in the «Send us a message» field in the shopping cart. We will take care of the laflor card and the writing by hand.

28.30 CHFinkl. MwSt.zzgl. Versandkosten

Almost a declaration of love: the charming Rio Sinu chocolate (75%), which arrived from Colombia by sailing ship, and the powerfully balanced Hacienda Limon bar (74%) from Ecuador spread pure delight to the palate.