Gift Box Chocolate Lover Level IV

The slipcase protects the small chocolate collection and can also be used to store love letters or receipts after tasting. We leave that entirely up to you.

We fill the slipcase with 5 bars of chocolate:

The eccentric one from Fazenda Vera Cruz Brazil, 70%; fruity freshness and herbal notes create an impressive balance.

The elegant one from Hacienda Limon Ecuador, 56%; the poem is created thanks to the reduced addition of milk powder and sugar, both from Swiss organic production, and captivates with its noble caramel and delicate honey notes.

The temperamental one from the Tesoro Escondido Ecuador farming community, 75%; seduces with its tangy, slightly fruity aroma and fine roasted notes.

The surprising one from Hacienda San Cayetano Venezuela, 68% and Farina Bona; this traditional corn flour from the Onsernone Valley is very finely ground from roasted corn. At our factory, we mix this with the tangy cacao from Venezuela. A surprising character chocolate!

Finally, the full of character one from the Hacienda San Cayetano Venezuela 73%; the farm is located in the Valle Canoabo, which stands for the cacao variety of the same name and has a high proportion of the noble Criollo variety. Distinct roasted notes, a chocolate that will stay in your memory.

Pizzute from Avola is the foreign-sounding name of our noble almonds from Sicily. We caramelise the kernels, which are first gently roasted, in a copper kettle before coating them with fine Hacienda Limon 74% chocolate. We deliberately do without the shine of the dragées; they shine through their palate magic.

We will send this chocolate gift box to the person of your choice. Write us your short greeting message in the «Send us a message» field in the shopping cart. We will take care of the laflor card and the handwriting.

65.80 CHFinkl. MwSt.zzgl. Versandkosten

The slipcase with 5 exciting chocolate stories! Instead of reading them, the 5 bars from 4 different origins are meant to be tasted. Each chocolate also contains a true story about the cultivation of cocoa and the people who live on the farms. They are accompanied by the tempting almond dragées, which we slightly roast, caramelise and coat with chocolate (74%) from the Hacienda Limon in Ecuador.