Fazenda Vera Cruz 70%, Brazil, 70g

Fazenda Vera Cruz – the eccentric one

In the certified organic Fazenda Vera Cruz, cocoa – in contrast to classical monocultures – thrives as part of the natural flora and fauna. Besides cocoa, acai, vanilla, pepper, cloves and guarana are also cultivated. This variety of plants creates a colorful commercial forest. 

The Fazenda Vera Cruz also includes 22 hectares of land reserve, so-called «Reserva Legal», which means that nothing may be cultivated there and nature is left to its own devices.

The variety of varieties cultivated is also reflected in the aroma of this eccentric chocolate: fruity freshness and herbal notes balance each other and perform a balancing act in taste.

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cocoa*, sugar*, cocoa butter*
*from organic cultivation CH-BIO-086 36% organic ingredients

May contain traces of MILK and NUTS. 

Optimal storage:
Dry, well sealed at 16 – 20°C.

Nutritional values (per 100g):
Energy: 528 kcal/2194 kJ, fat: 39.9g; thereof saturated fatty acids: 24g, carbohydrates: 34.5g; thereof sugar: 30.6g, protein: 7.7g, salt: 0.1g

Single Farm. Direct Trade. Vegan. Pouch Compostable. Cardboard Recyclable.