What types of chocolate does LAFLOR offer?

We focus on chocolate bars and chocolate covered delicacies, but we are open-minded and keen to experiment, and we are constantly working on our product range.

Where does the cocoa come from?

At the moment we are working with cocoa from Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador. You might call it single origin, we prefer to call it single farm. Learn more in our stories.

Why does LAFLOR not hold a Fair Trade certification?

Working fair and sustainably is very important for us. That is why we are in close contact with our farmers and guarantee that they are paid fair. Our chocolate thus direct and transparent trade. We get our cocoa beans directly from farmers we have personally met. This makes it a win-win scenario. On one hand, we can easily ensure the work and cacao quality, and on the other, farmers benefit from higher and static sales prices. LAFLOR pays for one kilogram of cocoa almost double than the average fair trade price.

Why is LAFLOR not certified Organic?

Organic certifications are tricky, as it is particularly difficult for small farmers to maintain. However, we get a picture of the farms on site and give great importance to sustainable cultivation and management. Finca Vera Cruz in Brazil is organically certified though. We also set high standards for other raw materials. Naturally, we only use organic sugar and organic cacao butter. We do not use any additives or preservatives.

Is LAFLOR a bean-to-bar chocolate?

At LAFLOR we carry out all the important steps – roasting, grinding, conching, tempering – ourselves. Only the cleaning and peeling of the cocoa beans is done by Felchlin in Schwyz, as we do not yet have the necessary premises and machines.

Is LAFLOR’s chocolate vegan?

At the moment (winter 2020) we have two milk chocolates and one white chocolate – they are not vegan. All other bars are 100% vegan.

Is it possible to watch the production process?

Transparency is very important to us. That’s why we offer workshops and participate in lots of events. We are open and an are looking forward to welcoming you during our opening hours Thursdays and Fridays (except on holidays) between 3 pm and 6 pm.
Address: Das Provisorium, Alte Conditorei Buchmann, Uetlibergstrasse 67, 8045 Zürich

What does LAFLOR offer besides chocolate?

In addition to chocolate, our offer also includes cocoa nibs, cocoa beans, tastings, courses and events. We want you to enjoy chocolate better!