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We at laflor always try to find the most ecological and efficient solution for our transports, be it the import of cocoa «Rio Sinu», which comes to us by sailing ship, or the courier route with the Veloblitz in the city of Zurich. Especially now, when the temperatures are high, the Same Day Delivery with the yellow lightning, is the best solution for us. This way, the chocolate not only reaches you in a resource-saving way, but also safely fresh and intact. With the Veloblitz we can also save packaging material.

To make sure you choose the right shipping method in the future, simply select the following in the check out: ZERO EMISSION: Züri City by Veloblitz.

For this reason we would like to tell you a little bit more about our partner today.

129’471 times the couriers of Veloblitz have delivered goods in 2021. Founded in 1989, the cooperative has become an integral part of Zurich’s cityscape. The company, which today has 130 employees (50 full-time positions), has always adapted to the market environment and urban development.

The central business readiness is the courier service that Veloblitz offers. Other services have been added in recent years. On the one hand, these are software applications for the development and sale of personnel scheduling and the support of customers in the establishment of Same Day and Next Day Delivery solutions, on the other hand, the training of employees in the areas of scheduling and courier service.

Via the Swissconnect network, Veloblitz serves the whole of Switzerland with shipments to and from Zurich and is thus in daily contact with other courier companies. In addition, Zurich main station is the most important Swiss hub for shipments that need to be reloaded. Incidentally, our corporate customers can benefit from this offer. 

The fact that Veloblitz has been independently carrying out previously outsourced car shipments since 2014 makes it easier to handle cross-regional demand. Often, car shipments can be transferred to Velos or cargo bikes at the city limits. Through this intertwining, Veloblitz continues to guarantee the most ecological and efficient delivery in the extended greater Zurich area.

Always the most environmentally friendly solution

Veloblitz services as well as internal processes are always subject to the aspect of the highest possible environmental compatibility. The company expects the same from its partners and suppliers.

Selected Veloblitz facts and figures

156 couriers were on the road for Veloblitz in 2021.
They worked 74,937 hours, which corresponds to 8.5 years of continuous cycling.
They consumed 22,481,046 kilocalories, which is equivalent to 45,000 plates of pasta.
The couriers cover 936,710 kilometers per year, which is 23 times the circumference of the earth.
The couriers cover about 120 kilometers per day.

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