Our Still Life Campaign by Marie-Christine Gerber

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Our campaign pictures were taken by the wonderful Marie-Christine Gerber. The elective Zurich from the Emmental has been working for years as a style life photographer. Her work is characterized by meticulously executed studies of form, material and space. She has a distinct understanding of spatial perception and design. Fanny Eisl, who always supports us in communication, has already worked with Marie Christine Gerber several times, so it came about that we could convince Marie Christine to photograph the laflor campaign. 

The big challenge for this shooting was that it was already very hot on this Sunday and chocolate threatens to run away at such temperatures – so we decided against the well-equipped studio, but for the cold room at our manufactory – there it is about 16 ° degrees, the perfect temperature for chocolate. 

Beforehand, Zelia & Fanny did various material studies with the different aggregate states of chocolate. For example, they melted the chocolate and then poured it into new molds, or even put the basic ingredients into new forms, creating wonderful shapes and structures that served as props for the still life shooting. 

The packaging was developed and designed by Zelia Zadra, co-founder and creative director of laflor, in close collaboration with designer Piera Wolf. The visual language stands for a flexible, contemporary and clearly structured system that reflects timeless values such as attention to detail, closeness to the product, connection to nature, high quality and craftsmanship in the foundation.