Chocolate fact: Dark chocolate can also be white

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Has it also happened to you that chocolate has turned white? We will explain to you that this is not so bad and how it can happen.

Like many foods, chocolate is an emulsion, a compound of ingredients such as fat and sugar. Like any emulsion, chocolate can break down into its individual components. A good example is probably mayonnaise, if you have ever made it yourself, you know that it can happen very quickly that it separates. With chocolate, however, this is not so bad, because there are no animal and perishable products in the chocolate. This white layer that you can see on the chocolate is called fat ripeness. Depending on the type of chocolate, you can easily wipe off the fat, but you can also enjoy the chocolate without a guilty conscience. If you are unsure whether the chocolate is really still good, you can break the bar, if the break is smooth and the chocolate smells good, then it is certainly still good. In general, chocolate can not really expire, the older it is, the less flavor it has.

However, to keep the chocolate visually beautiful and it is recommended to store the chocolate properly. We recommend to store the laflor chocolate in the dark and dry, if it is already opened, we recommend to put the chocolate in a storage tin. Because of the high fat and sugar content, chocolate can quickly take on foreign odors. For example, from other things in the refrigerator or coffee in the cupboard.
By the way, the ideal temperature for chocolate storage, but also for chocolate enjoyment is 16°-20°C.

If you store your chocolate in the fridge on hot days like today, remember: chocolate is like wine or cheese, if it is enjoyed too cold, you will only taste half of the aromas.

In general, we recommend to enjoy the chocolate as soon as possible, because it does not get better 🙂