Finally our dark salt chocolate is here!

How it came to the Dark Salt Chocolate Rio Sinu

laflor is a purist chocolate. The goal is always to produce chocolates as pure as possible. The various Single Origin varieties consist exclusively of cocoa, cocoa butter and beet sugar from Swiss organic cultivation. That is all. The addition of other ingredients is rare; the makers of laflor could not resist the combination of chocolate and salt. Because the combination of chocolate and salt is phenomenal, but also demanding.

Testing took almost six months. The task was to find different cocoa varieties in combination with the right salt. Finally, the Colombian cocoa from Rio Sinu offered itself, it holds the perfect flavor base for the addition of fine salt.

The salt, or fleur de sel des Alpes, comes from the Swiss community of Bex in the canton of Vaud. Here there is a large deposit of salt, which is due to a shallow sea of the Earth Age. Today, Bex is located in the lower Rhone Valley. Salt has always been appreciated by man, it is indispensable, unique and diverse in its effects. It is necessary to always correctly assess the addition of salt. A small pinch works wonders, enhances the fine aromas of a sweet pastry or makes a spicy sauce taste really good.

For the laflor Dark Salt Chocolate, only a cocoa that tastes complex but has few rough edges came into question. The Colombian cocoa fits the bill perfectly, it is sweet, harmonious and balanced. It is also reminiscent of a slightly salty sea breeze (after all, it comes to Europe climate-neutrally by sailboat across the sea).  

Which salt should it be?

On the one hand, we had to find the right proportion of cocoa. In other words, how much sugar in relation to the cocoa is most convincing. Our Chocolate Club members helped us a lot in this process. Their feedback coincided with our assessments, so that we can now present a wonderful Mariage.

We were convinced by the combination of 69% cocoa Rio Sinu Colombia, Swiss beet sugar and regional Alpine salt from the Bex salt works. Sel des Alpes has been part of Swiss history since 1554 and has been preserved in the rock for millions of years, extracted with pure mountain water and produced in an environmentally friendly way. 

The new laflor chocolate bar Dark Salt Chocolate 69% Rio Sinu is available as 70 gram bar as well as couverture in our 500 gram and 1 kilo bags.