nom-nom - more than "just" good

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La Flor has found a particularly beautiful home with dasProvisorium. The old production rooms of the Bäckerei Buchmann are already cosy in themselves, but what really makes dasProvisorium special are the different people who all share something – the connection to „good“ food.

But because „good“ food is not always enough, we would like to introduce you to nom-nom. Corinne and Bettina work under this name at dasProvisorium. They both do visual storytelling in the food sector. They make sure that the food is not just „good“. With food they tell stories, which each of us is allowed to interpret a little differently, but which nevertheless create a recognition value. The core themes of nom-nom are conception, recipe development, foodstyling and photography. Both of them have put our chocolate in the perfect light countless times. Thanks to nom-nom it is possible for us to have our products photographed so quickly and professionally. But sharing a workplace with Corinne and Bettina has other advantages: When they both create a recipe, the fine smell makes working even more beautiful. As soon as the dishes full of character have been photographed, they are served at noon to the entire temporary arrangement. Team La Flor is then always at the forefront. We tell each other stories about dishes that tell stories. And then it’s not just good enough, no, then it’s nom-nom.
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