Made in zurich

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The „Made in Zürich Initiative“ is a platform that brings together „urban productivists“ from every sector – from fashion and furniture makers, soap boilers and food kings to high-tech companies and industrial enterprises – under one label. These are companies from the smallest to the most industrial that produce, assemble, repair or maintain something in the city of Zurich, as well as individuals, companies or institutions that promote urban production in Zurich ideally and/or financially.

For products manufactured in Zurich, „Made in Zurich“ is an official designation of origin. The aim is to increase the status and visibility of the manufacturing industry in the city of Zurich and to promote the settlement of businesses from other areas of Switzerland. The association is thus also accessible to private individuals and other organisations who wish to support this project.

The following applies: „The production location City of Zurich as an incentive and commitment to sustainability, innovation and excellence.

The initiative deals with urban work and life models and looks for progressive approaches in the social, economic and structural perimeter of the city.

We at La Flor are proud to be a member of this network and therefore present the „Made in Zurich Logo“ on our boards.