There's a lot in it, but no sugar

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Finally we can present you our latest baby. It’s been almost three and a half years of work, a lot of headaches, countless tastings and tests. But one thing is not in it, and that is sugar. In fact, our first «chocolate» entirely without sugar. There is, of course, a specific reason why we put «chocolate» in quotation marks. Similar to the purity law for beer from 1516, which states that beer is only beer if it consists of hops, malt, yeast and water, it is with the term chocolate. «Chocolate» is only «chocolate» if sugar has also been added to the cacao.

So our latest product cannot be called chocolate. It is simply called «Pure Cacao».

At best, we can discuss this political issue at another time. In any case, we would be pleased and remain curious to see whether this law will become just as old as the purity law for beer.

Since laflor exists, the idea of a «Pure Cacao» bar is on top of our wishlist. As you might imagine, the development was not that easy.
We had to figure out which of our Cacaoorigins would work best, both in terms of taste, but also regarding the different textures. So Marina, our co-production manager, has been experimenting with our five cacaos from the four different countries over the last few months. Thanks to her perseverance, the two Origins Hacienda San Cayetano from Venezuela and Tesoro Escondido from Ecuador made it to the final round. We at the Manufactory couldn’t decide, so we held a voting among our 50 Chocolate Club Members. You, our loyal customers and chocolate lovers, decided which «100% Cacao» we will now launch. The winner is the Ecuadorian Cacao from Tesoro Escondido. The raw cocoa nibs are roasted, finely ground in a stone melangeur for 4 days and conched, poured into a bar and carefully packaged.

Along with Marina, our Co-Founder Heini Schwarzenbach was certainly the driving force and motivator of the project. «You can’t lie with a «Pure Cacao» bar, the Cacao with its Origin unfolds in all its complexity. The quality of the cocoa bean and the proper processing in the country of origin is very important for the flavor diversity of the bean. Purists and chocolate connoisseurs appreciate the authenticity of these chocolates, and for the chocolatière it is probably the freestyle of chocolate making. With «Pure Cacao», only the original parameters such as roasting and conching count,» explains Heini Schwarzenbach.

We are so excited to see how you like the «Pure Cacao». The enjoyment experience will be completely new for many, and will probably take some getting used to. In our palates, it tastes nutty, harmonious and has a hint of dark berries. Even for us, who are all surrounded by cacao on a daily basis, it is a whole new palate adventure. To be compared perhaps with an espresso shot, a small piece acts like an explosive awakener.

Yes, «Pure Cacao» is new, nerdy, insanely awesome for us and hopefully worth a try for you. We say in unison, an aroma blast that fully enters – maybe not the first time, but peu à peu.