The yellow fruits of Hacienda Limon

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The cacao-Hacienda Limon is located at the foot of the mystical Andes between endless plantations of cacao and bananas and belongs to the village of Moraspungo in the province of Cotopaxi, in Ecuador. Cotopaxi is also a 5900 m high active volcano, situated in the middle of a national park. The climate is tropical humid, the soils are of volcanic origin, rich in minerals and nutrients, essential for a fine cacao flavor and taste.

Cacao trees are soil enhancers. The biomass of the trees is so enormous that the soil is covered with wonderful mulch from 5 to 10 cm. The combination of these exclusive varieties, cultivation methods, special fermentation and drying methods allow this special aroma and taste profile to be fully expressed. The experts say: unique and totally satisfying. We try to treat this profile during processing here in Zurich with the respect he has earned! We currently offer 74% chocolate, 56% milk chocolate, the beans and nibs.


110 hectares form the Hacienda that is belabored by eight local workers. It differentiates itself from other cacao farms because it cultivates the old original pure Cacao Nacional Arriba varieties and not, as usual, the new variety CCN-51 – a Trinitario, which is popular for its high yield throughout Ecuador but has little or no Arriba aroma. One of these Arriba cacao varieties was awarded the prize HCP#3 in the› Heirloom Cacao Preservation Fund‹. It ensures the protection of variety diversity, seeks and demands new cacao flavors.

Hacienda Limon is owned by the german sustainable investment firm 12Tree. It is however managed by an ecuadorian firm as all foreign investment funds (as 12Tree) need to have an ecuadorian company. 12Tree’s aim is to produce the world’s best cocoa with the highest social and environmental impact. It focuses on regenerative farming practices, specifically in organic farming and the conservation of heriloom and climate adapted cocoa varieties. No insecticides or fungicides are used and only very reduced herbicides (spot application) are used. In addition, thanks to 12Tree, Hacienda Limón has started the process towards organic certification. 


Hacienda Limon – Die Welt dahinter | La Flor from La Flor on Vimeo.