Farina Bona - the good flour

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A film evening – popcorn or chocolate? This admittedly difficult decision is now helped by our new creation: Finca Rodrigo milk chocolate with Farina Bona 71%. The spicy characteristics of the Finca Rodrigo cocoa bean together with the fine roasted aroma of corn flour, which is reminiscent of popcorn – an exciting taste experience.

What is Farina Bona?
Farina Bona is a corn flour which is obtained by the very fine grinding of roasted corn grains and belongs to the cultural heritage of the Onsernone Valley in Ticino. There have always been fine differences between the various small productions in the Onsernone Valley. In Vergeletto, for example, master craftswoman Annunziata Terribillini „Nunzia“ roasted the corn grains for a long time in a special roasting pan. In Loco, on the other hand, the corn was roasted in a wood-burning oven. Here the maize was roasted until some of the grains burst, in other places another one roasted the grains only for a short time. These various traditional influences make Farina Bona flour „the good flour“.

After the Second World War Farina Bona disappeared more and more from the Onsernone valley until the production of the last mill was stopped in 1960. Years later, local initiators brought the traditional Farina Bona back to life; the mill of Loco was restored in 1991. Thanks to the tireless efforts of, among others, our partner Ilario Garbani Marcantini, the corn flour returned – first to the Ticino plates.

Today Farina Bona is a protected Slow Food Presidium and, thanks to the support of Slow Food Switzerland, other products are made from Farina Bona. Farina Bona is becoming more and more popular throughout Switzerland. This in turn drives the Onsernone Valley forward economically, agriculturally and touristically. A visit to the Onsernone Valley and the Farina Bona production sites is highly recommended from La Flor.

Try the new La Flor chocolates – the one with the good flour.