"Direct Trade" - uncertified fair

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It is a fact that chocolate does not grow on trees. Cacao – that which grows on trees – must be cultivated, harvested, fermented and dried on our partner farms in South America. The cocoa farmers carry out these process steps to a high standard of quality and they should also be paid fairly for this. All plantations receive between CHF 5.00 and CHF 6.00 per kilogram of cocoa from La Flor. To compare, the Fairtrade minimum price per kilogram set by Max Havelaar was increased from CHF 2.00 to CHF 2.40 at the end of 2018.

Why do we know exactly how much our partners receive? Because we know the farmers, we visited them in South America and buy the cocoa directly from them. This procedure is called „Direct Trade“. The advantage for the farmers is not only the higher price per kilo, but also the long-term cooperation, which allows them sustainable farm management.  Our stories about our partners‘ farms tells you why we believe that our partners in South America fulfill this requirement. Cacao quality is of course also a decisive factor. Here, too, we set very high standards. On the other hand, the farmers are proud that their cocoa is appreciated and processed into a single farm chocolate and not into a mass chocolate.

We do not want to compare „Direct Trade“ with „Fairtrade“. Fairtrade organisations try to make the world market fairer by ensuring that there is a minimum standard at the beginning of the supply chain, even for mass products. This commitment is essential. At La Flor, however, we have consciously opted for direct purchase – not only out of pure fairness or charity, but also for quality reasons. In addition, we are interested in the cocoa and it is nice when we as a team can visit our partners in South America and know that „our cocoa comes from here and these people make it what it is“. The principle of „Direct Trade“ also includes the holistic transparency we strive for at La Flor – not only with regard to the supply chain, but also with regard to production. We know what happens on the farm, but the cocoa farmers also know what we do with their cocoa.

And so you won’t find a Fairtrade certificate on our La Flor bars, but we hope you will give us your personal seal of approval.