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When I was a little boy, I wasn’t a „chocolate mouth“. My relatives knew this and decorated my gifts not with a „Schöggeli“, but with a small Salametti for example. The „little me“ almost loved spinach the most. However, this is not suitable as a gift decoration and therefore my relatives called me „Würstli-Rico“ for a long time. I got older, the unspeakable nickname disappeared and I became more and more fond of chocolate. But then I was never called „Schoggi-Rico“ – of course not. When Laura called me after the interview and said I could start as an intern at La Flor, if I wanted to, I did it cool and relaxed. And I was completely „our Hüsli“. After calling I invented the „Schoggi-Dance“ in my euphoria. But since I started my internship, a lot of water has already flowed down the Rhine and a lot of chocolate has flowed into the moulds. And so my time at La Flor is unfortunately coming to an end – a resume:

In the Coworking Space dasProvisionium, La Flor lives in symbiosis with other sustainable food companies. In my time here, I was not only part of La Flor, but also part of theProvisionary. So I was able to get to know people I love who, I have to mention in particular, all cook very fine lunches – thank you for that! My tasks as an intern were varied. I was allowed to get involved right from the start in all areas. In production, Chocolatemaker Finn taught me how to pour and pack the chocolate. Agustin, the chocolatemaker nummero dos, showed me Argentine music, which will accompany me long after my internship. The chocolate knowledge that I was able to acquire in production also benefited me in the office in my core tasks of marketing and communication. The La Flor office in the former storeroom is more charming than comfortable. At times it got so cold in our office that Laura, Zelia and I worked with winter jackets – once, I am sure, I even saw my own breath. Would a heater have been nice? Yes. Would I then have had an anecdote to tell? No. The occasions and fairs have given me a lot of pleasure, but the biggest plus when working in a chocolate factory is the chocolate. Although – chocolate remains with me. What I will really miss is the demanding but very beautiful work with Laura, Zelia, Finn and Agustin.

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