Coffee Liqueur Stengeli - a Mariage of three crafts

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Florian Wicki from Skvader approached us more than a year ago with the idea of developing a Kaffee Stengeli. Skvader is a small manufactory based in Basel, which, just like us, attaches great importance to craftsmanship and origin. He produces pure coffee liqueur – and also coffee – chocolate liqueur with laflor Cacaonibs.

After the original idea, we set out together with Florian to find another partner who understands the craft of the confectioner. After a long search, we came across Chilestägli in Arth near Zug.

Chilestägli is a small confectionery, which has been run as a family business since 1942. Even today, everything is still handmade in Arth, including the original Swiss cherryliqueur Stengeli, which is no longer found in many confectioneries, as handmade production is too complicated, too long (almost 2 days) and expensive. We were able to win the Felchlin family and their chief confectioner René Betschart from Chilestägli for the coffee Liqueur Stengeli despite everything and so we are very happy that this traditional product is now available from us.

The stengeli contain the 70% Fazenda Vera Cruz chocolate from Brazil and coffee liqueur with coffee from Brazil and Ethiopia. The roasting of the coffee is carried out by Kaffeemacher in Basel, which is macerated for 2 weeks and then processed further.

The photographer Tina Sturzenegger was with Chilestägli and documented the production steps for you.

This is how the Stengeli are produced

The wheat starch actually serves as a mold for the stalks, it is sieved into a frame and smoothed. Then the depressions are pressed into the wheat powder using a mould, which then forms the stalks. This is how they get their typical shape.

The coffee liqueur is then heated in a copper kettle to an exact temperature and poured into the powder form with a funnel. After several hours the liqueur crystallizes and becomes hard. After the resting time, the powder is removed and the small liqueur stalks are coated with Fazenda Vera Cruz 70%. This step requires a lot of attention to detail, because the stalks are very delicate and can easily break. After being coated with chocolate, they are carefully packed by hand.

The whole process at Chilestägli takes 2 days. We hope that you will enjoy the final product full of the finest and most complex craftsmanship!