Cacao butter - not just a component, but the origin of solid chocolate

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It has been proven that the Olmec people, who lived in the Mexican lowlands, enjoyed chocolate as early as 1500 BC. It is assumed that chocolate was consumed in liquid form at that time. But now a step into the near past: People in the 19th century also drank chocolate for the time being, solid chocolate did not exist until then. But with the centuries, people became more demanding – and so they disturbed themselves from the layer of fat floating on their drink. At the beginning of the 19th century, the Dutchman Van Houten developed a new process for this purpose – he pressed the cocoa beans and separated part of the cocoa butter from the cocoa. So there it was, the cocoa butter. But how to go on with it?

The English company „J.S. Fry & Sons“ recognised in 1847 that the addition of cocoa butter (in addition to the cocoa butter contained in the bean anyway) would make it possible to produce a solid, homogeneous chocolate. Thanks to cocoa butter, solid chocolate was invented, and distribution ran smoothly. We notice that chocolate is not a Swiss invention. After all, in 1875 the Swiss Daniel Peter created the first milk chocolate.
But back to cocoa butter: Today, the production of solid chocolate is also possible without additional cocoa butter, as the machines grind finer and thus release more fat from the beans used. However, La Flor and most other manufacturers add additional cocoa butter because we believe that this produces a perfect melt in the chocolate. We buy our cocoa butter from Biopartner (Dom. Rep.) – this butter is deodorised (physical process with steam to neutralise the taste of the cocoa butter) and so this butter can be used flexibly. On the other hand, for our white chocolate, which consists exclusively of cocoa butter (no beans), we use the butter of the Hacienda Limon – from our partner Cacaohof in Ecuador. This butter is not deodorized and therefore has its own character, which characterizes our white table.

Cacao butter is not only of central importance in the original process of solid chocolate, it is also an excellent alternative for private use and acts as roast butter as well as baking butter.
And yes. Cacao butter and therefore also our dark chocolates are vegan 🙂

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