Bread Crumbs Dragées - our beloved chocolate bread

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Many of us will remember the beloved chocolate bread with a smile on our lips. A highlight of a happy childhood. And it was no different for us here. A crispy bread with a branchli, what a heavenly snack.

When we were looking for a new variation for our chocolate bars in early summer, we had some ideas. Some of them were rejected in advance, others were pursued further. We liked the combination of chocolate and bread right away. But how exactly should the bread be in the bar? Coarsely ground, thin slices of bread on the bar or perhaps the chocolate «on top» directly onto the bread. Finn’s test production produced some exciting experiments.

Especially since the coating machine had been purchased in spring, it was clear that Finn wanted to do something with the bread. So we diced the bread, roasted it and coated it with fine Hacienda Limon, Ecuador 56% Milk Chocolate. And what can we say, it simply convinced us very much.

Finally, during lunch together at DasProvisorium with the team from the ÄSS-BAR, we decided to produce the Bread Dragées with «old» organic bread. With its concept, the Äss-Bar contributes greatly to the avoidance of foodwaste in the area of bread and baked goods. This is also the basic principle of laflor.

The organic bread, which is not sold the day before, comes to us and is then cut to the perfect size in the «dumpling chopping machine» (amazing that such a thing exists :)).

We hope you like our version of the Mini-Schoggibrötli as much as we do!

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